Meet Grace Arzuza: The Colombian Model and Cosmetologist Turned Entrepreneur and Fitness Influencer Who Wants To Help Others Live Healthy Lives

Meet Grace Arzuza: The Colombian Model and Cosmetologist Turned Entrepreneur and Fitness Influencer Who Wants To Help Others Live Healthy Lives

In the course of history, women have gradually gained ground and in some cases, equality with men. Some have held important positions in politics or business, and many are remembered for their contributions to entertainment and the beauty industry. 

Grace Arzuza is a Colombian model, cosmetologist, entrepreneur and fitness influencer from the city of Barranquilla. She has been on the cover of several magazines and participated in many beauty contests and pageants. Most recently, she has become a reference when it comes to fitness and health.

For Grace, everything started when she was very young. She credits her parents, Carlos Arzuza Arzuza and Vilma Mendoza Ramos, for taking care of her and giving her a good education and support network. 

When I was 12 years old, I won my first beauty pageant. There were many titles I got in my teenage years. When I was 16 years old I decided to move to Bogota to participate in one of the most important beauty pageants, Miss World Colombia. Since then I decided to settle in the Colombian capital.” Grace shares.

In 2004, Grace became the mother of her first son, Juan David. For a while, she retired from the modeling world and studied cosmetology and esthetics. By the time she returned to modeling she had a different vision and more maturity.

Currently, Grace is not only recognized as a model or participant in beauty pageants. She runs a store of health and fitness products, sports supplementation, and a brand of girdles. 

I own a company dedicated to the creation and sale of girdles (Grace Arzuza Body Shape) and a health store (Grace Arzuza Happy Market).” Grace says. “My inspiration to get involved in this was to help others have a healthy life, which takes a lot of effort and discipline.

Today, Grace is a health and fitness influencer with more than 390K followers on social media. She is a woman who likes to always be active, and who has an image of beauty that includes having a healthy life. 

Years before opening a health and fitness store, Grace had created a brand of girdles. This was the initial experience that she was able to take advantage of to launch her current store.

Many years ago, I created a brand of girdles because I was the image of some girdles brands for a long time and many people recognized me for this. Then sometime later I wanted to create health and fitness stores because I work in the fitness industry and everyday more people become aware of how important it is to eat healthy.” She says.

Besides her desire to have her own business, it was also important that she had the mindset for it. In every business, mindset is one of the key elements–it might be what takes someone from point “A” to point “B.”

“Mindset is strength and discipline. At the end you must have that, as well as a lot of resilience.” Grace advises.

With years of experience, Grace, who is now a mother of two, continues to work towards fulfilling her goals and achieving success. For some people success may be having a lot of money or material goods, or being famous. For Grace, it is more simple.

Success is a way to focus. It is an attainable goal and a result of what you want to achieve.” Grace adds. 

In the near future, Grace will continue to grow her brand as a health and fitness influencer. Currently, she stands out from her competitors by being authentic and focused.

“My goal is to make unique and enjoyable content for other people based on ideas of my own and not on other people’s content. Overall, I want to be a positive influence for people’s health and wellness.” 

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