“Global Influence” - A Handbook for Leaders by Jose Ucar

“Global Influence” - A Handbook for Leaders by Jose Ucar

Jose Ucar, an international communication expert and founder of Jose Ucar Ltd, is dedicated to helping business leaders establish robust international relationships and adapt communication strategies for impactful influence; he has recently reached entrepreneurs worldwide with the release of his book ‘Global Influence’.

Jose’s journey begins in Venezuela, where the seeds of his ambition were planted at a young age. His dream to explore the world and embrace international experiences led him to the UK, initiating his career in logistics. He climbed the career ladder through dedication and hard work, transitioning to sales and marketing and securing management positions.

With over a decade of experience developing international relationships and six years transforming communication for global businesses, Jose, now based near London, is recognized as a professional bilingual speaker. He has attended TEDx conferences and supported renowned companies, including Procter & Gamble, SEAT-CUPRA, Amazon, and The ExCel London.

“If you seek assistance in improving your international communication and influence skills or want to enhance your business relationships globally, I am here to help,” Jose mentions.

Global Influence’ targets leaders of businesses and organizations aiming to enhance their leadership and communication skills for improved productivity, motivation, and drive business relationships to grow across different nations.

“Through ‘Global Influence,’ I have not only shared my knowledge but also ignited a spark in others to become agents of positive change in their spheres of influence,” Jose emphasizes.

Within the pages of Global Influence readers can expect to learn practical concepts and frameworks to thrive as global business leaders. The book navigates the intricacies of simplifying communication, fostering increased internationality, and cultivating an authentic human connection.

Jose emphasizes the transformative power of vulnerability in the book and advocates for a genuine approach, equipping readers with knowledge and actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of global business.

“As a speaker and book author, I set myself apart by being real and diverse. While many speakers and authors opt for an air of unshakable confidence, I’ve discovered that embracing vulnerability and authenticity is the key to winning hearts.” Jose expresses.

At the core of his aspirations for future projects, Jose aims to expand his global influence as a speaker and thought leader. Committed to the empowering narrative of his book, and to secure speaking engagements at major international platforms and institutions.

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