Bryan Chavis Created a Business Path For Himself. Then He Did It Again After Becoming Successful. Find Out His Story Below.

Bryan Chavis Created a Business Path For Himself. Then He Did It Again After Becoming Successful. Find Out His Story Below.

Operating one business is hard enough, but operating multiple businesses is a feat accomplished by very few people. Bryan Chavis is one of these incredible entrepreneurs. He has spent the last two decades working hard in the business world and it has led him to learn how to manage and run his businesses.

“I have spent the last two decades building successful real estate ventures. My bestselling books, Buy It, Rent It, Profit! and The Landlord Entrepreneur, are considered essential guides for investors looking to build lasting wealth through multi-family real estate and property management. While at the helm of my private equity and asset management firm Chavis Capital, I also launched The multi family matrix academy. I am a global leader in consulting, coaching and training for Multifamily investors, landlords, asset managers & property managers.

Under my leadership, these companies have developed one of the industry’s most recognized property management certifications, which has trained more than 50,000 landlords, Asset and property managers as well as public housing authorities to date. An active investor and property manager, I have also captivated audiences across the country,” Bryan explains.

Despite being successful now, Bryan did not start out this way. His formative years were filled with dead ends as a traditional education did not fit his intended goals. As Bryan recounts, his status as a special education student made his schooling very difficult and outside of sports, there was not a lot going for him at first. However, he always made the most of opportunities, which helped lead him to where he is today.

“Being a special education student, I always struggled in school. I used sports as a work-around using basketball skills to take me to college. As a result of continuing to struggle to maintain, I chose to leave school and  pursue basketball full time. When my basketball career journey ended I had nowhere to go. My old neighborhood where I grew up was not a good environment for me. So one day I doctored up a resume with 95% BS and faxed it out to apartment communities, because they were offering a free place to live. I needed that because my car was broken down. And the rest was history,” Bryan recounts.

In addition to these educational barriers, Bryan also suffered from a battle with a brain tumor. This was one obstacle that he had no idea how to overcome, but he refused to give up.

“The biggest obstacle I have overcome is having a brain tumor and everything that comes along with it. After battling with it though, no other obstacles were ever as hard to overcome,” Bryan details

Bryan’s story of challenge and overcoming obstacles is what makes him different from the rest. Instead of following the path set out for us, Bryan was constantly thinking on his feet and finding his own ways to get ahead in a system that is designed to shut people like him out. His success came from his own initiative and perseverance. His advice for those who want to start their own businesses like him is to make sure they have the right discipline to get ahead.

“Don’t do it if you lack discipline and you’re unwilling to explore your faith. And don’t quit your day job just because you think you have the next big idea. Instead, work your day job until you can make your side-hustle a full time thing,” Bryan advises.

Bryan is excited to start his first real estate investment fund and his first live education conference. To find out more about Bryan and keep up with all that he is doing, follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.